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The second “Hello world!”.

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I just moved my blog to wordpress.com. I think it will be better off there. A site update will follow shortly, probably tomorrow.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a website, check out my services at brodlo.net. :-)


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20 December 2008 at 21:43

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I have just updated the website slightly. Also, made it more IE6-friendly (for the people who still use it, at least upgrade! or get a better one!).

I have nothing else to say, really. Let’s go to sleep.

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20 November 2008 at 03:19

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Firefox 3.

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Here it is. No need to say more ;-)
I found that Mozilla website wasn’t performing all that well today (it’s still something to be proud of, partly). The global site around 20:00 GMT:
Firefox 2 or 3 after all?
However, after some time all went “back” to fine:

Oddly enough, I notice the problem only applied to mozilla.com, and not mozilla-europe. Way to go, America! :-)

At the time I wrote this post the figure at spread firefox was 1 739 216 downloads. Nice!

BTW, I downloaded too! :-)
Download Day Certificate

EDIT: Not even 16:00 (the 18th) yet, and the figure is 7 035 846! Take that! :D

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17 June 2008 at 23:18

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New versions!

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CMDREGED 0.1 was just released. I am very pleased that I’m doing some progress, but the code I produced recently isn’t of all the best quality though (this might be caused by the pain in my neck I’ve had (and still have) all weekend). It works though, and I’ll do some cleanups when I have time.

What’s important is that it’s a kind of a milestone release: all the future releases will have support for command-line parameters. This is the last ‘baby’ release, and now I’ll try to develop it into a proper product.

Also, FIREFOX 3 IS OUT SOON! We already know the release day, it’s the 17th of June. We’ve already got over 1.2 million pledges and surely we’ll hit some 1.3, maybe 1.4 before the Download Day. I would predict there will be at least 2 million downloads during the Day, as many current users don’t know that anything is being organised and some might find out just a few moments before the clock starts ticking. Will we hit the 5 million? I certainly hope so! :-)

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15 June 2008 at 19:37

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grab ’em while they’re hot.

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Download Day 2008Firefox 3 is due soon soon and, knowing the capacity the users are capable of, Mozilla wants to set a Guiness Record! So go, click the logo, pledge (if you pledge you’ll get an email confirming the exact date Fx3 launches), and become part of this historic event!

There is no specific figure yet. Firefox 2 managed to get 1.2 million downloads the first day it was launched, and this time let’s hit more. 5 million, they say. I’ll be quite amazed to see such a figure, but I’m quite sure more than 2 million could be achieved.

Please don’t assume you’ve got Firefox 2, so you’ll get an update and you’re set. The Guiness people said only the full downloads from Mozilla Firefox site will count, so don’t be lazy, it’s just a few clicks! And it doesn’t take up that much space!

Go, Foxy, go! ;-)

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29 May 2008 at 15:21

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welcome to brodlo.net

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I just got myself a domain name, brodlo.net. I was thinking about some domain names for a few days, but all the ones I came up with were already taken (usually just parked). So after all I decided on this one because

  1. it is my second name
  2. it’s the shortest and simplest thing I could come up with and has not already been taken.

Happily, the domain was free. I’m beginning to like DreamHost quite a lot. They gave me a huge discount on the hosting (I mean, it was over 50% off) plan and then a free domain name for a year. Enough adverts tho :-)

I had to change some settings on the blog and the wiki (yes I do have a wiki and I’m very happy to provide some space and bandwidth if you ever needed to store some text away, or maybe your project got rejected on sf.net, or any other reason – feel free to use it). I hope everything is working now.

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17 May 2008 at 16:57

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This is my first real post here, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

I want this blog to be “integrated” with the rest of my website so I decided to make up a theme for it. However, I had no previous experience in writing blogs (never felt I need one) and even web designing knowlegde did not make me immediately know everything. So I picked a simple layout, veryplaintxt 3.0 by Scott Allan Wallick and began to fiddle about with it. The result is as you can see quite closely resembling the rest of the site, but I’m not satisfied and will tweak it even further if I have time (thank you GNU for the GPL).

I don’t intend this blog to be too personal. I probably will put my own thoughts and comments here but the blog will be kept technical. You know, web, programming etc. Maybe some looser topics later.

As for now, bye ;-)

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17 May 2008 at 06:03

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